Introduction to CMMI

This three-day course introduces systems and software engineering managers and practitioners, appraisal team members, and engineering process group members to Capability Maturity Model® Integration (CMMI) fundamental concepts. CMMI models are tools that help organizations improve their ability to develop and maintain quality products and services. CMMI models are an integration of best practices from proven discipline-specific process improvement models, including the CMM® for Software, EIA 731, and the Integrated Product Development CMM.

This course is a highly dynamic workshop in which exercises, discussions and role-plays take the central part to ensure that the concepts are seen from a realistic and pragmatic aspect rather than a theoretical exposé.

This course fulfils a prerequisite requirement for any course requiring an official SEI Introductory CMMI course (e.g. this course is required for all team members of a Class A SCAMPI appraisal).

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