Q:PIT Ltd offers a selection of services that include facilitation or consultancy work as well as longer term contracting work.

We can:

  • teach you how to do it
  • do it for you
  • help you doing it
  • manage your people as they do it


Our services also include appraisals that allow your capabilities to be measured objectively against a recognised international model such as the CMMI, the premier international standard for quality of practices.


The Q:PIT Ltd facilitation sessions can involve single interventions, where a specialist is invited in to perform a half-day facilitation of a particular event or activity, or longer-term activities in which a contractor is invited in to perform a job over a period of several days, weeks or months.


The approach taken in all assessment work is to focus on the potential improvements that can be rolled out efficiently within your organisation. There is no need to identify that you have weaknesses in areas that are not appropriate for the specific environment or business in which you work, or to identify potential improvements that would cost more than they would ever provide.


Throughout all services we seek primarily to equip you to do what needs to be done. Transfer of knowledge is at the heart of our business and we do not wish to make you dependent on us.


Brainstorms are the manner in which ideas can be generated most efficiently by a team. However, there is a risk that the results of the brainstorm never amount to anything if the brainstorm results are not handled rapidly and efficiently. In these sessions, the participants are trained in the basic rules and concepts that regulate brainstorms, the brainstorm is conducted and the results are then analysed, and translated into action items.