SCAMPI (Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement) is a certified SEI (Software Engineering Institute) method of creating a standardised yardstick for conducting CMMI in an organization.
SCAMPI is designed to identify the weaknesses and strengths of processes within an organization through a rigorous appraisals program. It helps consultants determine the maturity level of an organization (from 1 to 5 - see CMMI Maturity levels) and thus reveal acquisition risks/benefits and, crucially, outline the path which an organization should take and how it can continually improve in the future.

Q:PIT has decades of experience with CMMI and SCAMPI, learning how and where it can effectively be applied within an organization, where any shortcomings get in the way of the process and how it can be moulded to suit individual organizations.

CMMI and SCAMPI have somewhat extravagantly, and systematically evolved (and to some extent devolved) within their lifetimes, which we have witnessed and scrupulously analysed throughout the years. Q:PIT has experience, and experience in the practical facilitation of SCAMPI and CMMI - not just the theorising side of it.

Q:PIT provides Process Improvement via SCAMPI for organizations across the world

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