Some feedback:

"The best presentation I've seen in my professional career: vimeo com/99264968. You are instrumental to (my) success." (Ana Vasilescu, Business Process Management Consultant)

"I have observed Peter's professional approach to software engineering consultation for over ten years. Across that span, I have noted his advice to be unparalleled in its incisiveness and utility to the requestor. Often I have had similar opinions to his, but always found that he saw elements beyond those that I had seen, and presented them in ways more profound than I could achieve. My recommendation comes without any qualifying cautions." (Mike Phillips, SEI, Principal Researcher and leader of the "CMMI for Acquisition" product team)

"Hi Peter, You amazed me when you discribed so brilliantly the CMMi model on the white board during that evening conference. All fitted rationally together so well. Unforgettable, thanks" (Bernard Londeix, Telmaco Ltd, Director)

"Peter has inspired our organization to see beyond CMMi and introduce a sustainable Continuous Improvement Program with tangible results for our business. Top Professional, authentic great speaker!" (Anca Borodi, Former ISDC COO)

"Peter is a certified appraiser and instructor across multiple CMMI models. During his time at Q-Labs, he was the one consultant that was 'in demand'. Peter is very professional, knowledgeable and ethical in all of his assignments. His pragmatic approach to improvement means he understands it's the people that matter and not just the process and that's what I believe sets him apart from many of his peers. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again and strongly recommend him to prospective customers." (Paul Hookham, Exceedus Ltd, Programme Director)

"Peter is one of people that I am happy to say that I had a chance to work with. His style of presentation is entertaining for the audience and sticks with them." (Dan Naselius, CorasWorks, Chief Operating Officer) 

"Peter's understanding of effective software process delivery is second to none." (Sue Rule, DCG-SMS, Advisory Board Member)

"I know Peter mainly as member in his CMMI appraisal team. I highly esteem Peter's dedication and focus on the benefit of the organization, his profound knowledge of business processes and models, and his extensive practical experience. I would appreciate it very much to work together again." (Markus Frey, Bombardier Transportation, Process Manager)

"Peter can really help an organisation in its maturity journey. I have seen him dealing with very traditional and risk adverse organisations with success. I can recommend him fully." (Carlos Flores Ramirez, NIIT Technologies Limited, Vice-President)

"Very experienced, precise, very good analytical skills and he doesn't mince matters if necessary" (Alexander Springer, Robert Bosch, Vice President Engineering Body Electronics) 

"I have known Peter Leeson for more than a decade and can offer that he is many different things wrapped up into one person. Here are a few of those things:
- Intelligent
- Witty
- Knows when to work hard and when it is appropriate to play
- Loyal
- Dedicated
- People oriented
- Culturallly diverse
- Great speaker - providing both fact and humour
When I was the CEO of ISPI and Peter worked for me, I found out just how deep his caring was. In one 3 month period he made 80% of the company's revenue. There were 15 other people in the company. When the blitz was over, Peter was still giving 100%. Those of us who were part of those times truly appreciated Peter. And I still do today." (Tim Kasse, US National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Program Manager Software Quality and Process Management)

"Behind the very nice person, there is a strong professional not only looking for a good processes deployment, but also insuring that there are added value in the usage of those processes. In addition of this he is able to do it in plenty of languages. And finally it is fun to work with him." (Alain Bloch, LASCE Associates, Directeur Développement)

"The truth hurt sometimes with you but then again, no pain, no gain... Improvement can be a tough business. Some hate, some love. I do the 2nd.!" (Ben Verberck, Belgacom, Integration & quality manager)

"Peter is an open-minded thinker and energetic volunteer with Citizens:mk. I find his willingness to stick his neck out to promote and defend principles of social justice inspiring." (Tom Bulman, The Learning Tree, Employability Consultant)

"Brillant knowledge owner and evangelist for at least CMMI and ITIL ; never applying requirements from the model just for accedemic reasons, only for added value to the customer." (Vincent Haenecour, Management coach and ea consultant)

"Très professionnel et empathique" (Denis Gaudefroy, STERIA France, Directeur Business Development Lignes de Services)

"I have known Peter for at least 2 decades. He deserves his reputation as a top notch expert in quality issues (not only CMMI), and as a superb speaker/instructor with unflinching integrity. " (Dan Roy, STPP, Inc., Owner and Computer Software Consultant)

"I have experienced Peter as a very competent, professional and highly effective consultant.” (Eberhard Huebner, Bosch Software Innovations GmbH, Senior Expert Quality Management Methods) 

"Peter Leeson is a very engaging, professional and thought provoking workshop facilitator and assessor. He has successfully supported numerous activities in our organisation which required him to deal with
participants at various levels of responsibility including our most senior leaders. Peter has the personality and experience to approach and deliver,often uncomfortable and challenging subject matter in a non-threatening but focussed manner. Peter is an asset to any workshop activity" (Shren Reddy, BAE Systems, Business IT and Transformation Specialist)

"Behind the very nice person, there is a strong professional not only looking for a good processes deployment, but also insuring that there are added value in the usage of those processes. In addition of this he is able to do it in plenty of languages. And finally it is fun to work with him." Alain Bloch, LASCE Associates, Directeur du Développement)

"I have worked with and known Peter Leeson for a number of years. Peter has an incredible ability to explain complex ideas and processes in a simple, understandable way.” (Chris Caspell, Oxford Tax Solutions, Experienced accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser)

"It was a pleasure to have Peter as Trainer for CMMi ... He's very professional with a lot of knowledge and an excellent trainer too!!!” (Jean Paul Beres, Kurt Salmon, Head of CIOA Belgium)

"Highly knowledgeable Lead Appraiser...” (Vasanth Hindupur, HP, Process Manager)

"Business focused process improvement professional” (Paul Breslin, DNV Business Assurance, ICT Sector Leader) 

"Peter is a great consultant with a lot of good ideas and excellent communication skills.” (Patrick Vigier, Thales Espace, Senior Consultant in Operational Excellence)

"A well-deserved 5-star rating for Peter. He is a top professional who is able not only to assess an organisation but also helping it to deliver higher value & quality through continuous improvement.” (Tibor Laszlo, Lateral Inc., Regional Manager)

"J'ai eu l'occasion d'utiliser les services de Mr. Peter Leeson, et d'apprécier ses capacités d'analyse et de synthèse pour appréhender les organisations, ainsi que ses qualités relationnelles, pédagogiques et de présentation, ainsi que son grand professionnalisme. Si vous attendez des conseils éclairés par ses connaissances, par son expérience, et par son intelligence des situations, nul doute qu'il vous donnera toute satisfaction comme il l'a fait pour moi." (Jean-Louis Plénard, SII, Technical Director)

"Peter is an outstanding experienced professional that can be on counted for great council for continuous improvement strategies.” (Rajesh Modha, Lloyds Banking Group, Customer Contact Operations Manager) 

"Peter is absolutely trustworthy, focusing always on solving the problem at hand and not what the model might prescribe. He speaks plain, normal language, does not hide behind the CMMI-speak.” (Urs Andelfinger, University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Professor Software Engineering and Business Process Management)

"To the point. Getting to results, not to compliance” (Jean Wallemacq, Business value-driven professional with 20 years experience in the bank, insurance, and social security sectors)

"Master in Processes always in the service of quality improvement, with veritable skills for transmitting his knowledges.” (Renaud LION, ING Belgium, Solution Process Manager) 

"J'ai eu l'occasion de travailler avec Peter sur un projet d'amélioration de la qualité qui s'appuyait sur CMMI. Son approche pragmatique de la qualité et son sens de l'organisation ont apporté un grand soutien à ce projet. Sa compréhension des contraintes de l'entreprise et ses qualités relationnelles ont rapidement fait de Peter un interlocuteur privilégié. Je ferai appel de nouveau à ses services si l'occasion se represente tellement cette expérience fut enrichissante." (Frédéric Deconick, Atos Worldline, Chef de Projet International)

"I have worked with Peter on a number of CMMI assessments, and have found him to be knowledgeable, thorough, and challenging but fair." (Nick Barrett, Arval, Project Manager)

"Mr.Peter Leeson是我们WTI难能可贵的技术合作伙伴,他为我们的客户提供了专业,有价值的咨询评估服务。" (Hou YaWen, Worthy Technologies, Inc.)

"Looking for more good work and learning from you” (Kiran Chaudhari, Nihilent Technologies, Associate Vice President)

"One of the best consultant and a real asset for any company, can't recommend Peter enough.” (Luc Robalo Marques, SMALS, Senior Network Engineer)