Quality needs to be understood in terms of value and cost.

The cost of quality is the total cost of all the activities which are performed

  • to ensure quality of a task, product or service,
  • to verify and validate that quality,
  • to correct errors and defects,
  • to keep customers satisfied,
  • to respond to customer complaints,
  • to recover from bad reputations or rumours.

By focusing on the right aspects, it is possible to decrease the cost of quality by increasing the quality. This upfront investment allows significant savings to be accomplished further down the development and delivery chains.

The Q:PIT Ltd methodology assists you in identifying what quality means to you -- it may be zero-defect, or it may be the cheapest in the world, or any other definition which fits your business model. Once the definition of quality has been understood, we can work together at identifying what are the practices which have the biggest influence on quality, in either positive or negative aspects. Those activities are then related to the measurable variables which would allow you to measure the quality of services and products during their creation and delivery rather than waiting for customer feedback.