CMMIThe CMMI® is the "Capability Maturity Model Integration", the premier world standard in optimizing and improving work practices over time for engineering and service delivery. It has been developed through a collaboration between industry experts and the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, USA) and is managed by the CMMI Institute. Q:PIT Ltd is an authorized partner of the CMMI Institute.

The model aims at helping organizations identify the processes (work practices) that they have in place in the organization and those that they should consider implementing. Through an effective use of two representations, an organization can use the same data and information to measure the capability of each process being used as well as measuring the relationships between these processes across the organization, thus identifying the maturity (or capability knowledge base) within the organization.

The model can be used for measurement, but also for benchmarking an organization against partners and competitors, selecting suppliers based on the probability that the supplier will be able to deliver as required, or improving the quality of the products and services of the organization. These improvement efforts can be conducted from an engineering (or development), delivery, or purchasing point of view.

The result of improving the quality will lead to increased satisfaction of both customers and team members, leading to retention of staff and decreased cost of quality. There are three different CMMI models in common use: the CMMI for Development, the CMMI for Services, and the CMMI for Acquisition.

The models do not seek to establish the manner in which practices need to be performed but look at the results of those practices in order to determine the level of understanding or knowledge and organization has about its own strengths and weaknesses.

Q:PIT Ltd is an SEI Partner organization, providing official CMMI and SCAMPI (Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement) training, consultancy, appraisal and guidance.