CMMI - Capability Maturity Model Integration

CMMI is a commonly used acronym which stands for "Capability Maturity Model Integration". It was created and engineered in the pursuit for a more streamlined and efficient business model for organizations, via process improvement, training and appraisals. Since this initial notion, SCAMPI has been introduced - Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement - designed to act as a benchmark for all CMMI facilitation.

SCAMPI and CMMI help organizations improve job satisfaction through a rigorous program of appraisals and training in the individual roles of each member within the organisation. Job satisfaction, by definition, relies on employees enjoying and engaging with their work at a fundamental level. As long as employees know exactly what they're doing and know that they are doing it well, job satisfaction is a given, in theory. However, this can only be sustained if those involved in managing and monitoring employees also ascertain a clear definition of the roles of their employees.

SCAMPI has made a marked impact on the business, educational, governmental and manufacturing sectors alike in finding their legs and succeeding in operations like never before.

Following on from the fact that SCAMPI helps organizations ascertain clear job descriptions, therefore job satisfaction can be attained, it may also be presumed that, by extension, customer satisfaction should follow suit. When employees engage with and are more creative with their work, quality is assured. Similarly, as employees gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of their particular tasks, speed of production can be increased with relative ease. SCAMPI elaborates on this, and takes it one step further - reaching a minimum target for organizations to reach, therefore introducing an air akin to competition.

In short, CMMI through process improvement, training and appraisals, gives organizations the power to improve quality, shorten production time to market and keep content in their job roles.

Q:PIT offers CMMI introduction courses for organizations

Q:PIT offers a range of training sessions and courses, one of which is an introduction to CMMI. CMMI is very powerful in practice, and it has been shown to improve an organization's competence massively in fulfilling services their for customers.

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