Success (part 2)

Some time ago, I wrote a blog entry called "The Sweet Smell of Success" which was about seeing the results in an organization which was really moving forward. Of course, the question remains as to whether such a "success" is short-lived, whether the good practices and improvements will all be forgotten with months or days after the formal appraisal. One of the foundations of the success referenced in that company was an intelligent use of measurement as a basis for improvement, understanding quality and productivity - a practice which I continue to believe should be the foundation of any effort to move forward.

Recently, I came across one of their marketing materials in which they have used their results, their measurements of quality as a benchmarking tool. I am pleased to share this leaflet here to show the ongoing value of measurement as a tool for Improvement:  ISDC Leaflet on .NET and Java Quality.

Please note that, not only have they been able to demonstrate the quality of their products against a number of standards, but they have also been able to show the breakdown of activities, indicating the value of project management activities and the amount of time spent creating products vs correcting.

Of course, I am not advertising this company over others, I am using their intelligent use of measurement as an illustration of what others could achieve as well. But I am quite proud of what they have achieved.

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